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Artist Statement

Through continuous use, a simple pot with a complex surface allows for perpetual moments of discovery. My love of these moments is the driving force behind my work. Pots designed for repeated use have a powerful ability to enrich to daily life in ways that are often overlooked.

With soft gentle contours and lines, I aim to create functional forms that lend themselves to a welcoming feel in the hand. Rough marks and textures activate the surfaces providing contrast to the form. Gestural brushes of slip create crevices and channels for the natural glazes produced in the firing. By utilizing an atmospheric kiln, both subtle and highly active surfaces can be achieved. These surfaces are full of nuance and demand countless investigations through a sustained use.


Jesse Warech is a ceramic artist based in Philadelphia. He received his B.F.A. in Ceramics from the University of Montevallo in 2019 and has also spent time studying at the Tainan National University for the Arts in Taiwan. His work mainly stems from his love of atmospheric fired functional pots and vessels. Jesse fires his work in atmospheric kilns to make as much of the raw materials in the clay bodies evident in the surfaces of the finished work. 

J Working w Slip 2_edited.jpg
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